Sidney Auto Vue Drive-In

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CONCESSIONS - If you don't eat here, we won't be here

Hot Dog - $2.50

Hamburger - $2.50

Cheeseburger - $3

Shredded Chicken - $3

Pulled Pork - $3 (gluten free)






Tater   Tots


Tenders & Tots Basket - $7.75

Ranch/BBQ/Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce



Arnold Palmer -2.50

MUG Root Beer-$1

Sierra Mist - $1

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Mt. Dew,

Diet Mt. Dew,

Dr. Pepper - $1

Water/Hot Chocolate/

Coffee - $1.50

Chocolate Milk - $2

Gatorade - $2.50

PL Sweet Tea - $2.50




Hot dog, Kool-Aid pouch, bag

of chips and a toy in their very own tray

 KIDS COMBO   $3.50

Popcorn, Kool-Aid pouch, and a treat in their very own tray

We rely on our concession sales to pay our bills; as much as 90% of your ticket price goes back to the studios. Many Drive Ins now charge a food permit - WE STILL DO NOT. While we still allow outside food and drink, support of our concession stand is essential to our existence.  Our prices are very reasonable.  Come early and eat at the Auto Vue! If you don't eat here, we won't be here.

*DRIVE IN TREAT* Funnel Cakes "made to order" - $4.50

**DELICIOUS** Funnel Fingers - $3.50


Nachos & Cheese-$3.50

Extra Cheese +.75, Jalapenos +.75


Candy of all kinds-$1.50/$2.75


Cotton Candy-$2.50

Dill Pickles


*DELICIOUS*  Soft pretzels, coated with warm butter, sprinkled with either salt or cinnamon sugar.

We have Bakery icing for the cinnamon sugar pretzels


Pretzel/Cheese or Icing-$3.25

 Made & Baked Fresh HERE

 12 inch Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza  - buy the entire pie or just a slice! 12" Cheese-$10, 12" Pepperoni-$11, Slice-$2

*NEW* A variety of ice cream and frozen treats as well as some of the past "favorites" - $2.25


 *FAVORITE* Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas - we have chocolate covered bananas with Sprinkles!! These are Gluten and Dairy FREE - $3.00

 *LARGE VARIETY* Little Debbie snacks - .50

*AMAZING* Macho Nachos (Nachos & Cheese topped with pulled pork) -$5.25

You can purchase extra cheese, meat & jalapenos, too!

Extra meat +$1.50, Extra cheese +.75, Jalapenos +.75